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Custom artwork for those who are passionate about animals.

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- more than photographs

I'm passionate about capturing the unique personalities and beauty of our furry family members. Our dogs bring us immeasurable joy and love, and I believe that capturing and preserving our treasured relationships with them is incredibly valuable.

That's why I specialize in creating custom artwork that showcases the spirit and essence of your beloved dogs, transforming your home into a personalized gallery of cherished memories. Whether you're looking for stunning wall art or a cherished keepsake, I'm committed to working with you to create timeless and meaningful pieces that capture the magic of your cutest family members.

So let's talk about how we can create stunning artwork that celebrates your best friend!

A Treasured

Experience to Remember

Dogs First

Positive reinforcement only - all treats, no tricks. Your dog's comfort and safety are my top priority. Rest assured we will get great images no matter your dog's temperament.


Your session will be completely custom designed for you, your dog, and your unique style and taste.

Full Service

You won't have to lift a finger. I come to you for our initial planning session, photo reveal session, and handle the art installation. You can sit back and relax. Its handled.

But What If?

My Dog is WILD, Shy, or

EVERY DOG is unique and special, and they deserve to have their individuality captured in beautiful images, regardless of any challenges they may face.

I am well versed in positive reinforcement dog training and know all the tricks to get the best portraits.

Can't be off leash - No problem!, Can't sit still - Thats a-ok, Reactivity? - I've got you covered.

Shy? I have a long zoom lens to work with.

Moms, your little one is perfect the way they are! I will show the world what you see and tell your dog's story.


Lets chat! I want to find out all about your vision and see how I can be of service.

Planning Session

I consider your décor, dog's personality, and taste and we come up with our dream plan!


You smile and relax while your dog gets all of the attention!

Reveal Party

We drink, snack, laugh, and cry as we view our images and select products to showcase the vision.

Lasting Memories

Treasure your archival qualify art and memories that will last a lifetimes.


The reservation retainer is $250 and includes the photography session. Products are purchased separately. The retainer may be used as product credit on orders over $1000.

I would love to find out more about your pet and needs! Lets talk to see what I can do for you. 

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Your memories are precious

They deserve to be celebrated

That's why I create fine art pieces that capture the essence of your dog, and the joy they bring to your life.

Your portraits will be treasured additions to your space. Imagine walking past them every day, and feeling the warmth and love that they bring to your home.

So why settle for a digital file that will be lost in a sea of other photos on your computer? Invest in artwork that will stand the test of time, and bring you joy for years to come.

Whether you prefer to display your art on your walls, or in a beautifully crafted album, I am here to help you create a stunning collection of memories that you will cherish forever. So let's work together to fill your home with love and memories that will never fade.

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